The Stann Creek Regional Archaeology Project, also known as SCRAP, was formed in 2014 as a research program focused on the archaeology of the Stann Creek District of east-central Belize, Central America. In particular, we are interested in the ancient Maya of the region, although future research aims to include historic period sites and activities. The project is contributing toward urgently needed heritage investigation in the region, which is one of the most rapidly developing districts of Belize, related to the citrus, banana, shrimping, and tourism industries, and has been subject to little archaeological consideration. Our current research focuses on the ancient towns of Alabama and Pearce. Our research program activities are permitted through the Institute of Archaeology, NICH, Belize. Our current permit holder is Dr. Peuramaki-Brown, Associate Professor, Athabasca University, Alberta, Canada.


Elevational map of Central Belize, showing material culture sub-region of East-Central Belize (Stann Creek District)