2014 Field Week 3: July 21-25

The SCRAP team has completed our third (and final) successful week of the 2014 project! It was hot and humid as we raced to complete the pedestrian survey of the area surrounding the site epicenter. We also had a chance to hike out along some of the creeks on the property to locate some of the sources for the rock used in epicentre architectural (monumental)  construction.

We spent our last day in the village going around to thank our hosts for all of their kind hospitality! Talk about leaving everything out on the field– our crew was amazing this year, and we could not have completed our goals without Morgan, Julilla, and the three workers from the village.

With the successful end of the project, we are back at our respective universities, working on writing up the field season, and looking forward to next year’s excavations. Meaghan has taken up a Visiting Scholar position at MARI/Tulane in New Orleans, and Sonja has started teaching at Penn State Erie. We will soon begin the planning process for next year, including seeking grant support.

As Jean Luc would say… “Make it so!!”.

Meaghan and Sonja

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