2014 Week 1: July 7-11

We’ve completed one week at the site, and we are so excited about how the work is proceeding! Meaghan, Morgan, Julilla, and I got settled into the village a week ago. We were warmly welcomed by folks in the village, quickly finding some rooms to rent, and a family to cook for us, as well as a few local workers to assist us in the field. We were lucky this week to have great weather– despite being in the Stann Creek District in the rainy season! We completed an assessment of the site epicenter– and we were all excited to locate a few buildings at the site that were previously unknown. We assessed the amount of looting that has occurred at the site, and did rudimentary maps and photographs to record this damage. We’ve now moved on to focus the work on the outlying settlement survey– locating and taking GPS coordinates on mounds that are in the vicinity of the site center. This settlement work will continue this week in a more systematic fashion, and we hope to update everyone again next weekend!

Sonja 🙂

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