Greetings from Belize! (June 2014)

We have been in-country for a week (June 2014), and both of us (Dr. Peuramaki-Brown and Dr. Schwake) have been busy getting things set up for the field season! The most important news we have to share is that we secured our research permit from the Government of Belize last week! We are presently in the village making arrangements for when the project starts next month. We met with the village alcalde (mayor), and we were welcomed to the village with a delicious traditional Maya caldo and cacao drink. Our team member, Morgan Moodie, has also arrived in Belize, so we have just one more person to arrive from abroad- Julilla Paul will join us shortly. So far, things are going smoothly– we will update you again soon! Sonja and Meaghan

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